Rowe Collection of Chinese Art

For generations Chinese historiography has relied on the study of artifacts collected during archaeological digs. Antiquarians and historians in China have revealed aspects of the culture and life of ancient societies by interpreting designs and determining the uses of these objects. Through the study of the Rowe Collection, which includes archaic pottery, rare ritual bronzes, remarkable jade carving, fine porcelain and menacing ceramic tomb figures, the complicated history of China begins to unfold.

The exhibit contains selected objects from the Rowe Collection of Chinese artifacts, one of the six collections of art at Longwood University.  Dr. and Mrs. Henry C. Rowe (Bernice Beazley, LU ’70) of Gloucester, Virginia, have given these objects from their personal collection to enhance the academic experience for Longwood students and the surrounding community.

Several characteristics make this collection unique. First is the broad span of time from which the pieces date: as early as the Neolithic period, and as modern as the twentieth century. Nearly every dynasty is represented, with gaps existing only when historical circumstances dictate the scarcity of available artifacts. Second is the extreme rarity of many of the objects, of which some may not even have an equally rare counterpart in any other Western museum.

Exhibition Acknowledgements
Dr. Georgia Coopersmith, Director (1993-1998), Longwood Center for the Visual Arts
Ellen Smith Alden (LU ’95), Exhibit curator and exhibit design
Ferenc Varga, Exhibit design and production
Robert Alden, Erika Evans, Michelle McMillian, Robin Sedgwick, Deborah Wescott, Sandy Wilcox, Longwood University Facilities Management Team, exhibit installation
Michael Coleman (LU ’97), Katharine Harrison (LU ’06), Jason Good (LU ’97), Randy Jenkins (LU ’99), Brandon Reed (LU ’04), Megan Reed (LU ’04), Chris Westerfield (LU ’96), Student Assistants


Artworks in this Collection

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Brush Washer in the Form of a Chinese Hawthorn Qing dynasty
Vase Qing dynasty
Tripod Vessel (Li) Shang dynasty
Trumpet Vase Qing dynasty
Amphora with Two Dragon-Shape Handles Tang dynasty
Gong with Carved Dragon and Eight Trigrams Qing dynasty
Feline-Headed Guardian Beast (Zhenmushou) Tang dynasty
Garment Hook (Daigou) Eastern Zhou dynasty
Bowl with Molded Design Northern Song dynasty
Pillow with Carved Floral Motif Northern Song dynasty
Groom Tang dynasty
set of 12 Zodiac FiguresYuan dynasty
Sword (Jian) Eastern Zhou dynasty
Pair of Bowls with Bat Design Qing dynasty
Tripod Wine Cup (Jue) Shang dynasty
Sacrificial Jar in the Shape of an Archaic Zun  Qing dynasty
Set of Four Plates with Eight Immortals - Qing Dynasty
Seal Paste Boxes Qing dynasty
Baluster Vase Qing dynasty
Wenchang Dijun, the God of Literature  Ming dynasty
Tea Bowl Southern Song dynasty
Pipe Qing dynasty
Lamp Qing dynasty
Teapot Qing dynasty
Vase with Carved Image of Phoenix in a Landscape  Qing dynasty
Brush Rest in the Form of Lingzhi Fungus Qing dynasty
Vase Qing dynasty
Brush Washer Qing dynasty
Quatrefoil Dish Liao dynasty
Cloud-Shape Pillow with Incised Floral Motif Liao dynasty
Soldier Sui dynasty
Bowl (Gui) Late Shang dynasty
Ring-Shape Ornaments Eastern Zhou dynasty
Arched Dragon Pendant Eastern Zhou dynasty
Beads Shang dynasty
Perforated Disk (Bi) Neolithic
Jar (Guan) Neolithic period
Bactrian Camel, Tang dynasty ©Longwood University