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Welcome to the LCVA

The LCVA is the art museum of Longwood University. Located in downtown Farmville, the LCVA serves as a physical, intellectual, and cultural bridge between the university and our community at large. Longwood University’s mission, “to transform capable men and women into citizen leaders, fully engaged in the world around them,” forms the foundation of our mission and values.

The Longwood Center for the Visual Arts is the only museum of its kind, scope, and size in the area surrounding our home base: Farmville, Virginia, and Prince Edward County. Our commitment to improving the quality of life in the region by providing full access to the visual arts is the heart of our mission. At the LCVA, we believe there should be no barriers to exploration of the visual arts. Admission to the LCVA and its programs is – and always has been – free for everyone.

People in LCVA Gallery
Longwood Center for the Visual Arts (LCVA) at night

LCVA Fun Facts

Crayons distributed annually through Art-On-The-Go
Googly eyes used annual as part of Free Family Workshops
Annual LCVA Gala sponsors
Hours danced at LCVA Gala since 2005
Periods of Chinese civilization represented in Rowe Collection of Chinese Art

Our Values

The Centrality of Art to Individual and Community Life

Works of art are essential records of human history and can influence and enrich every aspect of living. Art can inspire people to lead more hopeful, creative, and participatory lives for the greater good of their communities. With these convictions in mind, the LCVA treats all visitors in a welcoming and inclusive manner while fostering an aesthetic appreciation of diverse experiences, forms, media, and content. The LCVA encourages participation in the creative process regardless of age, training, or ability. The LCVA designs exhibitions, educational and volunteer programs, and internships to spark community interaction and development.

Artistic Integrity

The LCVA serves as an advocate for artists by insisting on fair, respectful, and professional treatment of artists within our institution as well as in the community at large. The LCVA fully accepts the role of steward for art in its possession and commits itself to preserving the original intent of the artist. The LCVA dedicates itself to presenting compelling examples of exemplary artistic vision and craftsmanship.


In the conduct of its business and in the exhibition, collection, preservation, and maintenance of works of art, the LCVA adheres to the highest professional standards and ethical considerations as outlined by the American Association of Museums, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Longwood University.

College students looking at typewriter
People in LCVA Gallery
People in LCVA Gallery

Our Staff

Rachel Talent Ivers

Rachel Talent Ivers

Executive Director
Emily Grabiec

Emily Grabiec

Director of Education & Outreach
Lisa Tharpe headshot

Lisa Tharpe

Community Engagement Director
Alex Grabiec

Alex Grabiec

Curator of Exhibitions
Mackenzie Lenhart

Mackenzie Lenhart

Collections Manager
Lucy Carson

Lucy Carson

Program Coordinator
Susan Dockery

Susan Dockery

Program Manager
Sun English

Sun English

Art Preparator
Lorrie Watson

Lorrie Watson

High Street Theatre

Advisory Board

The LCVA Advisory Board is a group of volunteers elected to further the LCVA’s mission to explore of visual art and its relevance to everyday life. They promote the LCVA’s understanding that works of art are essential records of human history and can influence and enrich every aspect of living. Advisory board members not only further these ideas through service to the LCVA, but they also serve as examples through their own day-to-day lives.

President | Candy Jamison Dowdy ’69
  • Keith Kissee, Chair
  • Ray Kass
  • Heyn Kjerulf
  • Julia J. Norrell
  • David Whaley
Consulting Members
  • Maurice Beane
  • Thomas Brumfield
  • Kerri Cushman
  • Neal Guma
  • Susan Jamison
  • Bernice Rowe ’70
  • Harlan Horton, Chair
  • Lonnie Calhoun
  • Kristin Gee
  • Navona Hart
  • Virginia Watson
Consulting Members
  • Linda Cheyne
  • Lauren Irby ’12
  • Laura Keohane
  • Anne-Latane Saunders
  • Rucker Snead
  • Cheryl Yancey
  • Dr. Mary Jo Stockton, Chair
  • Taikein Cooper
  • Ilsa Loeser ’12
  • Dr. Charles Ross
Consulting Members
  • Sabrina Brown
  • Angie Clements
  • I.B. Dent
  • Brandon Hennessey
  • Dr. Richard McClintock
  • Juanita Giles, Chair
  • Patricia Crute ’80
  • Mary Prevo
  • Dr. Jes Simmons
  • Francis Thompson
  • Cainan Townsend ’15
  • Joy Utzinger
Consulting Members
  • Kalimah Carter
  • Ed Helton
  • Mindy Osborn
  • Sherry Swinson ’77
Longwood Center for the Visual Arts • 129 N. Main St. • Farmville, VA 23901

© 2023 Longwood University

© 2023 Longwood University