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MARGUERITE HERPIN-MASSERAS Untitled (Mass of chrysanthemums above a pool)
WILLIAM JAMES HUBARD (English, 1807-1862 d. Richmond, Virginia) Edwin Booth Performing Shakespeare at Richmond Theatre
L.A. DYER   Still Life of Apples
PRUETT CARTER (American, 1891-1955) "But Mother"
EDMUND DARCH LEWIS (Pennsylvania, 1835-1910) Santiago de Cuba, 1875
JUNIUS R. SLOAN (American, 1847-1900) Landscape Sketch with Two Cows
JOHN JAMES MOONEY (Virginia, 1843-1918) Nymph and Lady, n.d.
UNKNOWN (signed F.A.B.) Burke's Mill, n.d.
LOUISE (LUE) BRETTNER OSBORNE (American, 1889-1968) War Time,
ALEXANDER OSCAR LEVY (American, 1881-1947) Old Ben, 192
CORDRAY SIMMONS (New Jersey, 1888-1970) Three Sailors with Oars,
SAMUEL LANCASTER GERRY (Massachusetts, 1813-1891) Pastoral Landscape
CORDRAY SIMMONS (New Jersey, 1888-1970) Valley Road,
ROCKWELL BRANK Evening at Ponta do Sol, c. 1930s
HENRY BOESE (New York, 1824-1863)
ROBERT .WOOD (American, 1889-1979)  Autumn Woods, 19th century