Art on Campus

Longwood has been collecting art for more than 100 years with the express intention of sharing its collection with students, faculty, staff, and visitors. In recent years the university has committed to exhibiting portions of its collection in every academic building on campus.

Today works of art can be seen in nearly every building, and plans are underway for future buildings to display works from the collection. More than 95 percent of the collection has been contributed by alumni and friends of the University to serve as touchstones that encourage learning, foster an understanding of the interconnection between disciplines, and emphasize the importance of history and culture in a healthy, democratic society.

As official steward of Longwood University’s art collection, the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts (LCVA) exhibits art throughout the campus. In this role the LCVA presents a wide range of subject and form to illustrate art’s capacity to affect peoples' lives.

Art on campus is available for public viewing during normal business hours when the University is open.