2019 Senior Spotlight: Erika Cummings

Erika Cummings is a senior animation major at Longwood. Her work Crumpled is about an illustrator struggling to find satisfaction with his work. His own negative thoughts begin to manifest and overwhelm him. He is then faced with the decision to choose what he considers to be more important to him.

2019 Senior Spotlight: Brandon Burke

Brandon Burke is a senior art education major at Lognwood. His series of sculptures represent his mother's battle with cancer.

"My mother had a set of fine china that my siblings and I were never allowed to touch. I saw my mother as fine china that was meant to be around forever. She has been diagnosed with cancer and not doing well. Walking, sitting, even moving is painful for her. Her body is destroying itself. This body of work is about that process."

Point of Departure is on view until May 15th. 

2019 Senior Spotlight: Kendra Kelley

Kendra Kelley is a senior art major at Longwood. Her series of ceramic sculptures "Illuminating Oceans" are influenced by coral reef forms. Her hope is that the viewer will have a sense of diving in the ocean. 

There are remote controls that are paired with the lights inside the sculptures. Viewers should feel free to use the remotes to control the control and brightness to their liking. 

Point of Departure is on view until May 15th. 

2019 Senior Spotlight: Michael Turner

Michael Turner is a senior art major at Longwood. His interactive display “Dirty Work” is a representation of his day to day life and his experience with working on cars. 

2019 Senior Spotlight: Haley Tebo

Haley Tebo is a senior graphic design major at Longwood. Her digital pigment prints "The Compost Education Campaign" serve as educational material for schools in order to cultivate more sustainable practices in regard to recycling and composting.

LCVA's Summer Art Studio Returns

The Longwood Center for the Visual Arts (LCVA) invites you to join us this summer to explore and create beautiful works of art inspired by some of your favorite children’s literature, both old and new! Open weekdays from June 3 through August 2 (closed July 4), the Summer Art Studio program is bringing popular children’s books to life through art.

2019 Senior Spotlight: Kayla Lehman

Kayla Lehman is a senior animation design major at Longwood. Her digital projection involves a fantasy story with characters that she designed and created based on an original video game concept.

2019 Senior Spotlight: Nick Lauer

Nick Lauer is a senior animation design major at Longwood. His digital projection "Attack of the Mozzarella Martians" started off as a simple storyboard and evolved into a fully animated piece. 

2019 Senior Spotlight: Jamie Alisha Homan

Jamie Alisha Homan is a senior artist's book and printmaking major at Longwood. Her handmade paper installation, "Embodiment of discomfort" is an interactive piece that represents mental health issues.

2019 Senior Spotlight: Jennifer Raven

Jennifer Raven is a senior design in craft major. Her sculptural jewelry explores the use of mixed media while attempting to convey a sense of discomfort with objects that are "supposed to be pretty". 

"The materials I work with are cast bronze, copper sheet, craft resin and found/used cosmetic objects. I am especially excited about my recent material explorations with casting bronze around bisque fired clay, as well as using craft resin to set and add color to my work.

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