Jack Blanton Collection Virtual Gallery

This contemporary art collection, comprising more than 450 works, came to LCVA through the generosity of Jackson L. Blanton, a native of Tamworth in Cumberland County. Blanton retired in 2003 from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond as vice president and community affairs officer, a role in which he promoted economic development in underserved communities. In addition, he developed the bank’s fine arts program and served as curator of its art collection, which includes more than 1,000 artworks.

2020 Senior Spotlight: Brandon Chen

Brandon Chen is an art major with a concentration in photography at Longwood. His senior project considers images of idealized American families and the relationship with his mother and father.  

2020 Senior Spotlight: Madison Schmitz

Madison Schmitz is an art major with a concentration in drawing and painting at Longwood University. Her work explores the juxtaposition of unrelated objects in a composition that is meant to capture the viewer's attention. 

Independent Curators International Paper Sculpture Manual

Since many of us are under stay-at-home orders, Independent Curators International has decided to share the designs from The Paper Sculpture Show.

ICI has produced The Paper Sculpture Manual, a downloadable, printable, and shareable manual of sculptures that can be assembled at home - by anyone, of any age.  This resource is meant to give you a break from the screen, and afford you the opportunity to recreate art experiences in your own home.

2020 Senior Spotlight: Francesca Chambers

Francesca Chambers is an art major with a concentration in painting and drawing at Longwood. Her work explores the Zentangle method of drawing as a way to meditate.

Call for Entries: 2020 Virtual Alumni Exhibition

Longwood University wants to see, and share, what you make. Open to all alumni, 'Longwood Creates' is an online exhibition showcasing the creativity, imagination, and thoughtfulness of its graduates.

Anything that is made by you can be included: a pasta sauce recipe, a painting, a garden, sculpture, a restored classic car, a photograph, a dance, etc. As long as you made it!

Emma Steinkraus shares research and art for Art After Dark

Although our Art After Dark April 25th, “Women in Botanical Scientific Art with Emma Steinkraus” was postponed, Emma created a series of guest blogs to share her research and art. 

Here is a fascinating and insightful article, “The Protofeminist Insects of Giovanna Garzoni and Maria Sibylla Merian” written by Emma for Art Herstory.

2020 Senior Spotlight: Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson is an animation design major at Longwood University. Her senior project is an animation that illustrates the stories of three famous logos and how sketches played an important part in their success.

"From start to finish of this project, I learned a lot about combining narrative, Toon Boom Harmony/Storyboard Pro, and Adobe Premiere to create a finished animation."


2020 Senior Spotlight: Alejandra Gonzalez

Alejandra Gonzalez is an art major with a design in craft concentration at Longwood University. Her current work is driven by her curiosity in the Pre-Hispanic jewelry from Northern Peru and its most ancient cultures Vicús (1250 BC-1 AD), Moche (1- 800 AD) and Chimú (1300-1532 AD).

Dr. Chris McGee shares past introductions for LCVA's Cabin Film Series

The Cabin Film Series showcases classic and cult horror and suspense films at the Longwood Cabin. Hosted by the LCVA, the Cabin Film Series is guest curated by Dr. Chris McGee, Associate Professor in the English and Modern Languages Department at Longwood. Prior to each film, Dr. McGee introduces the films and leads group discussions exploring their themes. Although we are unable to meet in person at the Longwood cabin, Dr. McGee has decided to graciously share his past introductions for our reading enjoyment. 

A Quiet Place 

The Amityville Horror