LCVA Events Spring 2020


Breathing Lines Workshop

February 5, 2020



2020 Biennial Winter Gala

February 15, 2020

8pm to midnight


Cabin Film: Us

February 21, 2020



Seasonal Wine & Brew

February 28, 2020

5:00pm – 7:00pm


Cabin Film: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

March 20, 2020



Art After Dark: Look/Draw/See: Sketchbooks with Lauren Rice

March 25, 2020



Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Lisa and Tim Tharpe

LCVA is so delighted to have the support of Lisa and Tim Tharpe as sponsors of the 2020 'Dream' gala! 

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Hull Springs

LCVA is so delighted to have the support of Longwood University’s Hull Springs as a sponsor of the 2020 'Dream' gala! 

Hull Springs supports the LCVA because the museum "brings a diverse array of art and artists to our small, but vibrant, community. Sherry Swinson I love our LCVA staff and their tireless dedication to providing important introductions to art, whether it be through creative exhibits or sharing experiences with area school children."

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Dr. Marian Hahesy-Calhoun and Lonnie I. Calhoun III

LCVA is delighted to have the support of Dr. Marian Hahesy-Calhoun and Lonnie I. Calhoun III as sponsors of the 2020 'Dream' gala!

Lonnie expressed that, "As longtime supporters of the work of the LCVA, we believe that art creates community. We are looking forward to participating in the 2020 Gala celebration, and strengthening our friendships and community connections."

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Terri Atkins Wilson

The LCVA is so grateful for the support of Terri Atkins Wilson as a 2020 gala sponsor! 

Terri said that she supports the LCVA because, "our community grows not only when we support local business but also when we support the growth of art and music. The LCVA is the cornerstone of the growth of the arts!"

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Elder & Watkins, P.C.

LCVA is so thankful for the support of our gala sponsor, Elder & Watkins, P.C.! 

"The attorneys at Elder & Watkins, P.C. are proud to support the LCVA and its invaluable role of bringing arts and education opportunities to the Farmville community."  

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Jessi and Seth Otey

LCVA is thrilled to have the support of our gala sponsors, Jessi and Seth Otey!

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: David and Patricia Crute

The LCVA is so delighted to have the support of Patricia and David Crute as sponsors of the 2020 Winter Gala! 

David and Patricia shared, "We enjoy all the exhibits and programs that the LCVA offers. It’s an amazing and inspiring place! We are pleased to be able to offer our support to help bring the arts to our community."

LCVA Gala tickets for sale online!

Longwood Center for the Visual Arts invites you to attend the 2020 black-tie winter gala, held on Saturday, February 15, 2020 in the Blackwell Ballroom at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. The LCVA’s widely anticipated biennial gala is the best attended event of its kind in the region, and all proceeds support the LCVA’s community outreach programs.

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Ironworks Financial + Joni Beachly

LCVA is thrilled to have the support of our gala sponsors, Ironworks Financial + Joni Beachly!

Joni said that she supports the LCVA because, "There are so many benefits to art both for the community and individuals -- whether it's boosting creativity or the many emotional and mental benefits. The work the LCVA does in this area leaves such a positive impact on the community. I am happy to support a program that gives back to the community."

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