Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Hotel Weyanoke

The LCVA is so grateful for the support of Hotel Weyanoke as our 2020 'Dream' gala sponsor! 

Hotel Weyanoke supports the LCVA because, "LCVA – whether within the museum or through its traveling art education outreach programs to schools – brings an energy to our community and region keeping true to its mission of making art that is free to everyone."

Hotel Weyanoke is "looking forward to being with individuals who are like minded and are committed to sustaining the future of LCVA and the visual arts."

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Virginia and Brad Watson

LCVA is delighted to have the support of our 2020 'Dream' gala sponsors, Virginia and Brad Watson!

Virginia and Brad mentioned, "We have been involved with the LCVA for many years, serving on committees, on boards, and just visiting as patrons.  The LCVA is located in the heart of Downtown Farmville, and is an integral part of our community.  The many exhibits, lectures, and events invite people to our area who then eat and shop locally.  The LCVA is a major catalyst for bringing art and artists to Farmville which, in turn, makes this a better place to live." 

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: The Gantt Insurance Agency

LCVA is thrilled to have the support of our 2020 'Dream' gala sponsor, The Gantt Insurance Agency!

Gantt supports the LCVA because "[the museum] has always presented opportunities for young people in our community.  Regardless of the age, LCVA seems to find activities to connect our community in a positive way.  We look forward to spending time with friends and supporting a worthy cause."

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Real Living Cornerstone + Navona and David Hart

LCVA is thrilled to have the support of our 2020 'Dream' gala sponsors, Real Living Cornerstone + Navona and David Hart!

Navona and David shared that they support the LCVA because of its "broad community involvement. Having opportunities to engage in the arts is an important cornerstone for any community, and the LCVA is active in promoting the arts to adults and children alike through free programs. We love living in a community with an art gallery and are thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful and active organization."

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Sheri and William McGuire

LCVA is so delighted to have the support of Sheri and William McGuire as sponsors of the 2020 'Dream' gala! 

Sheri and William noted, "cultivation of the arts and arts education is so important in creating a vibrant, welcoming community. For Farmville, the LCVA has become a vital asset in downtown development, bringing Longwood and the greater community together through the arts." 

The McGuires are looking forward to this year's gala; they love "seeing the creativity that shows up in the theme: “DREAM”, and the lively yet friendly bidding on the beautiful artwork!"

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Reed and Harlan Horton

The LCVA is so thankful for the support of Reed and Harlan Horton as our 2020 'Dream' gala sponsors! 

Reed and Harlan shared that they "love the art education programs that the LCVA provides to school children in our area.  We also find that the LCVA is a place where the community can gather and coalesce around the concept that art makes us better human beings and thus, better able to live in community with each other."  

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Benchmark Community Bank

LCVA is thrilled to have the support of our 2020 'Dream' gala sponsor, Benchmark Community Bank!

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Letterpress Communications

LCVA is thrilled to have the support of our 2020 'Dream' gala sponsor, Letterpress Communications

Principal of Letterpress Communications, Ilsa Loeser, expressed that, "Letterpress loves the arts! Earlier this month we even made some at Red Door 104 for our new office! We also love supporting the arts and in Southside Virginia. LCVA is one of the best ways we can do that and know that our funds are reaching folks of all ages and walks of life."

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Kermit and Rhonda Jones

The LCVA is so grateful for the support of Kermit and Rhonda Jones as our 2020 'Dream' gala sponsors! 

Kermit and Rhonda shared that, "We believe in supporting local events when we can and we are glad we can be a small part of this one."

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Betty Gail Wolfrey '71 and Greg Wolfrey

LCVA is thrilled to have the support of our 2020 'Dream' gala sponsors, Betty Gail (Payne) Wolfrey '71 and Greg Wolfrey!

Betty mentioned that, "As an educator, I've always been a huge proponent for the arts. The arts are the key to student learning because the arts make learning relevant in the world." Betty is also on the auction committee for the gala as well as one of the featured artists. She is excited for the artwork that will be on display and available for purchase. "The gala is the premier event for Longwood University." 

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