Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Reed and Harlan Horton

The LCVA is so thankful for the support of Reed and Harlan Horton as our sponsors! 

Reed and Harlan shared that they "love the art education programs that the LCVA provides to school children in our area.  We also find that the LCVA is a place where the community can gather and coalesce around the concept that art makes us better human beings and thus, better able to live in community with each other."  

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Dr. Barbara B. Smith and Dr. Carolyn Wells

LCVA is delighted to have the support of our sponsors, Dr. Barbara B. Smith and Dr. Carolyn Wells!

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: David and Patricia Crute

The LCVA is so delighted to have the support of Patricia and David Crute as sponsors of the 2020 Winter Gala! 

David and Patricia shared, "We enjoy all the exhibits and programs that the LCVA offers. It’s an amazing and inspiring place! We are pleased to be able to offer our support to help bring the arts to our community."


Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Megan Miller and Trey Eggleston

LCVA is grateful for the support of our gala sponsors, Megan Miller and Trey Eggleston! 

Megan said, "I have always appreciated all that the LCVA does to encourage artistic expression in all levels—age, skill, medium, subject. The connection to and love for the Farmville community and the surrounding areas strengthens and enhances their residents, and it makes Farmville a vibrant and exciting place to live."​


Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Sheri and William McGuire

LCVA is so delighted to have the support of Sheri and William McGuire as sponsors!

Sheri and William noted, "cultivation of the arts and arts education is so important in creating a vibrant, welcoming community. For Farmville, the LCVA has become a vital asset in downtown development, bringing Longwood and the greater community together through the arts." 



Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Kirsten Huber & Kevin Murphy

LCVA is thrilled to have the support of our sponsors, Kirsten Huber & Kevin Murphy!

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: The Outer You Salon + Angie and Wade Clements

LCVA is excited to have The Outer You Salon + Angie and Wade Clements as sponsors this year!

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: WEL Inc. + Bill Litchford

The LCVA is ecstatic to have WEL Inc. + Bill Litchford sponsors!

Bill said, "We are new to sponsoring with the LCVA, and we attended our first gala this year. We appreciate the broad reach of the LCVA, from Farmville to all of the surrounding counties. The LCVA is an asset to rural areas such as these."

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Benchmark Community Bank

LCVA is thrilled to have the support of our sponsor, Benchmark Community Bank!


Leanne Emert said, "It's our pleasure to support the LCVA in their innovative programming efforts, particularly those for our youth, resulting in inspiring, impactful exposure to art. The LCVA is truly one of the gems of the area."




Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Sandy River Outdoor Adventures

The LCVA is proud to have Sandy River Outdoor Adventures as a sponsor!

Candi and Mark Smith said, "We love being involved with the LCVA! Having four very active kids, we truly appreciate all of the activities for children that they offer year-round."

Look for their new distillery sister company coming soon!

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