Soldier Sui dynasty


Sui dynasty (581-618 C.E.)
earthenware with yellow glaze
14.75 x 4.5 x 3 inches

Only one object in the Rowe Collection represents the Sui dynasty. Perhaps it is an apt piece to do so. It is a soldier, made of earthenware with a characteristic straw-color glaze. With serious gaze and composed stance, he seems to reflect on the brevity of life and the fleetness of the dynasty for which he fought. Of particular note are his helmet and uniform, which would have been made of leather, the parts held together with red cord. The soldier could have been overseeing laborers building the great canal. He could have participated in one of the many expeditions to Japan or Taiwan. Perhaps he was a member of an ill-fated military brigade sent to the western territories.

Pearlstein, 10-05-2005


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