Scrap Time

January 15, 2021 to April 4, 2021

At once sculpture, collage, and painting, Lauren Rice’s newest work is a playful experiment in materials, process, and making marks. The leading character, the scrap - which on its surface doesn’t seem to hold much merit - is invited and repurposed to find new meanings and values. This gathering of seemingly inconsequential bits and pieces is of critical importance to Rice; in bringing disparate pieces together, she forms a new, unified whole. Each part speaks of the individual and the community, order and chaos, control and chance, and elegance and awkwardness.

These scraps carry another symbolic weight and importance. The scraps of time between cooking, working, raising children, cleaning, mowing, teaching, making, and sleeping seem exponentially more important that we are living in a time of telework and distance learning. Yet, what one elects to do with these fleeting markers of time makes the chosen activity all the more meaningful. Like their painting counterparts, when added together, all the parts make a new and complete whole.

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