CHRISTIAN S. ‘CHRIS’ JUNKER (b. Montclair, New Jersey, 1970)

Obscura, 1992
acrylic on Acrylite and wood

Collection of the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts
The Jack Blanton Collection
Gift of Jack Blanton

Christian ‘Chris’ Junker wrote that this work “is a self-portrait inspired by the Renaissance artist Andrea Mantegna’s The Lamentation over the Dead Christ, which depicted Christ in a very foreshortened perspective post crucifixion. The semi-circular shape in front of the face in Obscura was created by flashlight during a long time exposure on black and white film. The photograph was transferred to a photo silkscreen which was then inked and applied to the wood substrate. The various wood and Acrylite (plexiglas) pieces were an attempt to create a three-dimensional space for the compressed or flattened image to reside and blur the figure/ground relationship.”



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