Nimrod Hall with Horses

Nimrod Hall with Horses

ANN LYNE (b. Richmond, Virginia, 1937)

Nimrod Hall with Horses, 1984
Conté crayon

Collection of the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts
The Jack Blanton Collection
Gift of Jack Blanton

Several drawings and paintings by Ann Lyne in the Jack Blanton Collection, among them this two-tier drawing, include views of Nimrod Hall.

Nimrod Hall in Bath County, Virginia, along with the collection of buildings surrounding it, has served as a turn-of-the-twentieth-century summer resort hotel, a post office, a summer camp for boys and girls, and a hunting lodge. That was its status when Ann Lyne began spending secluded summer weekends there. After a while, her students at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts began wondering where she was going on her secret getaways and asked to be included. One summer she arranged for a group of art students to accompany her to Nimrod Hall. Three of the group became so enamored of the place that they created a seasonal art program there. For five weeks each summer, Nimrod Hall becomes an art colony where artists and writers, under the guidance of a resident instructor, can find uninterrupted time to work.