Future Planets

August 28, 2021 to January 2, 2022

Future Planets expands upon dialogue between children and their parents. This concurrent exhibition, which is curated by James Williams II, provides emerging artists ages 3 to 15 a space to showcase their limitless imagination and creativity. Their renowned artist parents are exhibiting alongside them. Future Planets features drawing, paintings, sculptures, videos, and installations created both individually and collaboratively by:

Tommy Bobo, Adrien Bobo, Elliot Bobo, Matt Bollinger, Anges Bollinger, Nakeya Brown, Mia Clarke, Richard Hart, Bailey Hart, Andie Hart, Phaan Howng, Malcolm Majer, Grae Shepherd-Majer, Arlo Shepherd-Majer, Lorie Kim, Julie Lee, Hein Koh, Amelia Koh Horowitz, Oneida Koh Horowitz, Caleb Kortokrax, Anges Kortokrax, Cecily Kortokrax, Lawrence Lee, Ana Lee, KJ Lee, Leo Kim, Leah Lewis, Biko Gates, Sangram Majumdar, Isadora Ruby Majumdar, Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann, Mae Voiland, Calvin Voiland, Mychaelyn Michalec, Frances Michalec, Mandy Cano Villalobos, Lucas Cano Villalobos, and Luisa Cano Villalobos.

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