Folk Beasts

May 21, 2021 to August 8, 2021

The LCVA is proud to partner with the Hart Club and The Golden Thread Project with an exhibition of Folk Beasts.

Folk Beasts is a collaboration between London’s Hart Club and The Golden Thread Project, exploring the magical and diverse creatures celebrated via folklore throughout time. Initially conceived as an extensive group exhibition created via artist-led workshops, the current global pause led them to adapt the concept. They invited a selection of artists to create make-at-home Art Packs, enabling people to participate remotely in a user-generated online art exhibition.

Combining The Golden Thread Project’s extensive knowledge and love for all things folklore, the LCVA’s downtown Farmville gallery space, with the Hart Club’s diverse audience, all seek to create a magical world full of freshly conceived and reimagined folk beasts.

Hart Club is an organization founded in 2018 dedicated to championing neurodiversity in the Arts based from a project space in SE1 that includes a gallery, ceramics studio and print studio. We work with various charities and organizations to spotlight artists who think, communicate and create differently. This includes artists with disabilities, dementia, brain injury, autism and other neurological variations. Hart Club celebrates diversity and inclusion – striving to gain creative and financial recognition for the artists we work with and in doing so building confidence, community and wellbeing.

The Golden Thread Project aims to popularize folklore, introducing the benefit of it to new audiences by visualizing it in new ways, so are open to a wide range of diverse and communicative art-styles and methods being applied to this material. The Golden Thread Project work with artists, writers and musicians to show that every generation can discover folklore and myth anew as a way to connect to the past and understand the universality of human experience.

Artists: Aidan Saunders, Beau Brannick, Bette-Belle Blanchard, Celine Lau, George Finlay Ramsay, Hannah Dyson, Harriet Vine, Holly St Claire, Jay Cover, Karolina Jonc Buczek, Lena Yokoyama, Michelle Edwards, Naomi Subryan-Anderson, Stephen Fowler, Tommy Brentnall, Yuk Fun, and Zeel.

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