Family Guides

Family Guides: Everybody Wins!

Parents, have you ever been in a museum and heard your child ask, “Mommy, what is that thing? I don’t get it.” And frankly, you don’t know what to say? Well, fear no more. You will no longer have to grab you child’s hand with a “Let’s go look at this nice flower painting” to cover up your own perplexity. The LCVA has great new family guides that take you and your children through the permanent collection. A series of questions and activities help to answer perplexing questions about art while providing a truly interactive, enriching learning experience for your family. At the end of your visit, kids can take their family guide to the reception desk and win a prize for answering all the questions. Parents win approval for providing a wonderful (and free!) experience for their children.

Family guides are available at the front desk during regular gallery hours. There’s no charge. Everyone is welcome to participate.