2017 Senior Spotlight: Rushane Giles

Rushane Giles is an animation student at Longwood. His work, Food’s Last Stop, is currently on display in Point of Departure Exhibition.

“Animation is a fun way of storytelling, and I’ve been wanting to animate due to my love of drawing. My animation is the result of a year - long idea process, starting from spring 2016, coming to life on the big screen. Food’s Last Stop personifies inanimate objects as characters in the film while also having human characters.

2017 Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight-Centra Southside Community Hospital

LCVA is thrilled to have Centra Southside Community Hospital as a sponsor for our 2017 Beaux-Arts Bash! 

Director of Marketing Kerry Davis Mossler commented, "The LCVA is very important to the hospital, and to all of the surrounding counties. How impressive it is to have a national art museum right in our downtown! We sponsor  LCVA events because they add such a richness to everyone's lives! Art builds community, and CSCH is all about community!"

Beaux Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight-Ed and Mike Helton

LCVA is grateful for the support of Edward and Michael Helton and Helton House as sponsors for our Beaux Arts Bash!

Ed and Mike commented, "We love giving back to our community and feel that the work that is being done through LCVA is positive impact to Farmville & the surrounding area.  We have always enjoyed coming to LCVA and seeing all the beautiful artwork that is on display.  LCVA is a place where lifelong relationships are built and we are proud to be a part of this organization!"

2017 Senior Spotlight: Kelsey Daniel

Kelsey Daniel is a graphic design student at Longwood. Her series, HolisticRx, is on display in  Point of Departure Exhibition.

Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight-Karen and Rucker Snead

The LCVA is delighted to have Karen and Rucker Snead as sponsors for our Beaux-Arts Bash. We look forward to seeing them at the event! 

Karen and Rucker commented, "We believe strongly in the vital role that the LCVA plays in bringing art to our community through its collections, workshops, classes, and events.  The LCVA’s various receptions and social events, such as the Beaux-Arts Bash, bring our community together to celebrate creativity, the human spirit, and the arts.  We are honored to serve as sponsors for the Beaux-Arts Bash and look forward to seeing everyone there."

2017 Senior Spotlight:Aaron Dallas

Aaron Dallas is a graphic design student at Longwood. His work examines the  issues with exotic pet owners and their ability to handle larger exotic animals leading to endangering humans through injuries, death or spreading of disease. Aaron's work can be seen  on display in the Point of Departure Exhibition. 

2017 Senior Spotlight: Cidney Cher

Cidney Cher is a crafts major at Longwood. Her large-scale handmade paper is on display in the Point of Departure Exhibition. 

Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight-Stephanie Buchert and Charles D. White

LCVA is delighted to have Stephanie Buchert and Charles D. White as sponsors for our Beaux-Arts Bash!

"We appreciate all that the LCVA does for our community," Stephanie and Charles commented. 

Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight-Shirley Blackwell

The LCVA is proud to have Shirley Blackwell as a sponsor for our Beaux-Arts Bash!  

Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight Marian Hahsey-Calhoun and Lonnie Calhoun

The LCVA is delighted to have Marian Hahsey-Calhoun and Lonnie Calhoun as sponsors of the Beaux-Arts Bash! We are grateful for their support throughout the community.

Lonnie and Marian commented, "We donate to many great causes in our community.  Art and Music have always had a special place in our giving. LCVA, through its programs provides a snapshot of our community and beyond."