Caryn's Storefront

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Caryn's Bridals Formals & Tuxedos

Caryn's Bridals Formals & Tuxedos is proud to be an LCVA Gala sponsor!

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Larry & Suzy Szasz Palmer

Larry & Suzy Szasz Palmer are proud to be LCVA Gala sponsors!

"We have always been art lovers and value the contributions the LCVA brings to Longwood, Farmville, and the region."

The Woodland

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: The Woodland

The Woodland is proud to be an LCVA Gala sponsor!

“The LCVA covers a wide 13-county area which is much of the same area that is serviced by The Woodland. The Woodland is pleased to support the LCVA and its programs in the schools which are vital to our children's growth as a well rounded individuals."

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Sherry and Robert Martin

Sherry and Robert Martin are happy to be LCVA Gala sponsors!

“We are delighted to be sponsors for LCVA and Longwood University—our across the street neighbor for over thirty years. Our family has enjoyed countless, exceptional cultural and artistic events. We are so fortunate to have LCVA”.

Marlo and W. Taylor Reveley IV

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Marlo and Taylor Reveley

Marlo and Taylor Reveley are proud to be LCVA Gala sponsors!

Llewellyn and Hunter Watson

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Llewellyn and Hunter Watson

Llewellyn and Hunter Watson are excited to be LCVA Gala sponsors!

“We are pleased to help sponsor this LCVA event, a signature occasion for Longwood University and Farmville.”

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Jeanne Strunk

Jeanne Strunk is honored to be an LCVA Gala sponsor!

"I am so honored to be a sponsor for the LCVA. The programs and education they provide to both our community and the University are indeed a treasure and very deserving of all the support we can give them. I am looking forward to attending the event of the year next month with my friends and family."

Big Ray and the Kool Kats

Kut a Rug with Big Ray and the Kool Kats!

No one can dance the night away without a great band playing great music! That's where Big Ray and the Kool Kats come in, a big band ready to play for a big crowd at this year's Winter Gala.

Take a look at their video and get a sense what great music they'll have in store for this incredible night!

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: HI-TEST Laboratories

HI-TEST Laboratories is proud to be an LCVA Gala sponsor!

“For 37 years the LCVA has supported the arts in Central Virginia by keeping admission to its exhibits and educational programs free. HI-TEST Laboratories is proud to support this community institution and its future by sponsoring the winter gala. Join us in supporting a great cause at a good time.” 

Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Kristin and Trey Gee

Kristin and Trey Gee are proud to be LCVA Gala sponsors!

"The LCVA helps fulfill an important cultural element in this area.  As a family, we have truly enjoyed the various events for children, from the annual youth art exhibition to the free family workshops.  Also, the art exhibits and openings held throughout the year provide us with an additional way to connect with our friends and neighbors, all while exposing us to art from diverse genres.  We are thankful to be a part of this dynamic organization."