2017 Senior Spotlight: Cidney Cher

Cidney Cher is a crafts major at Longwood. Her large-scale handmade paper is on display in the Point of Departure Exhibition. 

Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight-Stephanie Buchert and Charles D. White

LCVA is delighted to have Stephanie Buchert and Charles D. White as sponsors for our Beaux-Arts Bash!

"We appreciate all that the LCVA does for our community," Stephanie and Charles commented. 

Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight-Shirley Blackwell

The LCVA is proud to have Shirley Blackwell as a sponsor for our Beaux-Arts Bash!  

Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight Marian Hahsey-Calhoun and Lonnie Calhoun

The LCVA is delighted to have Marian Hahsey-Calhoun and Lonnie Calhoun as sponsors of the Beaux-Arts Bash! We are grateful for their support throughout the community.

Lonnie and Marian commented, "We donate to many great causes in our community.  Art and Music have always had a special place in our giving. LCVA, through its programs provides a snapshot of our community and beyond."

Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight Sheri and William McGuire

The LCVA is grateful for the support of Sheri and William McGuire as sponsors for our Beaux-Arts Bash event!

"We are so thankful to have the LCVA as a key partner in the Farmville community!  The arts and the outreach of the LCVA are vitally important in creating a sense of place that encourages professionals and new businesses to make Farmville their home!"

Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight-Green Front Furniture + Dickie and Den Cralle

The LCVA is thrilled to have Green Front Furniture and Dickie and Den Cralle as sponsors for our 2017 Beaux-Arts Bash. We can't wait to see the furniture they lend us for the special evening! 

2017 Senior Spotlight: Alison Cartte

Alison Cartte is a graphic design student at Longwood. Her series, Environment in Pediatric Offices, is on display in  Point of Departure Exhibition.

2017 Senior Spotlight: Hannah Benusa

Hannah Benusa is an art history major at Longwood.Hannah's work on display in the Point of Departure Exhibition explores the way a painting can tell a story without a single word.

2017 Senior Spotlight: Chad Benton

Chad Benton is an animation student at Longwood. His 7 minute animated short film titled Harmony is on display in the Point of Departure Exhibition. 

2017 Senior Spotlight: Chiara Lillie Beaumont

Chiara Lillie Beaumont is an artist working with digital projection at Longwood. Her work, titled "Si no tienes nada bueno que decir," in Point of Departure is a representation of her mind, dealing with her new diagnosis and looking back to her childhood.

"My mind cycles between intrusive images of children, violent thoughts and lullabies. It is without pause, unsettling and nostalgic.