Gallery Attendant

LCVA Summer Gallery Attendants Needed

The LCVA is looking for Gallery Attendants for summer Saturday shitfs. This position is available to current Longwood students who will remain Longwood students within the next academic year. If you are interested, please contact our Assistant Director, Jill Manning:

Job Title:
Gallery Attendant (Summer 2015 | Saturday Shift)

Meagan M Britt, Matthew

Senior Spotlight: Meagan M. Britt

Meagan is part of Longwood's art department with a concentration in photography. For Point of Departure, she created Out of the Darkness, Into the Light, two sets of portraits: a larger set mounted on a wall (Out of the Darkness), and a smaller set contained in a wooden box with each photograph featuring hand-written personal information.

Jillian Ewell, Stretch

Senior Spotlight: Jillian Ruth Ewell

Jillian is part of Longwood's Art Department, with a concentration in crafts. Here is what she had to say about her work in Point of Departure:

Amber Huckaby

Senior Spotlight: Amber Huckaby

Amber studies photography in Longwood's Department of Theatre, Art, and Graphic and Animation Design.

Amber's work in Point of Departure is a series of black and white photographs, which she discusses below"

Dylan Roach, Turning Point Tantrum

Senior Spotlight: Dylan Roach

Dylan studies graphic design here at Longwood. For his entry to Point of Departure, Dylan created Turning Point Tantrum, which he describes below:

Caleb A. Briggs, Rusted Wall or Peeling Flesh

Senior Spotlight: Caleb A. Briggs

Caleb studies photography here at Longwood. Here is what he had to say about his series featured in Point of Departure, which he calls Aesthetics Unnoticed:

Ashley Beerbroer, Self Reflection

Senior Spotlight: Ashley Beerbroer

Ashley studies Art Education here at Longwood. Her Senior Thesis consists of three self-portraits, oil on canvas. Here is her artist's statement:

Sunni Cahoon, The Wolf

Senior Spotlight: Sunni Cahoon

Sunni is part of Longwood's art department with a concentration in crafts.

August Oster "Delicate Matters with No Speaking"

Senior Spotlight: August Oster

August has studied at Longwood with a concentration in drawing and painting. Here is what he had to say about his work featured in Point of Departure:

Lucas Goss LCVA Senior Show Spotlight

Senior Spotlight: Lucas Goss

Lucas is part of the graphic design department here at Longwood. For his Senior Thesis, he created ELSA, which he describes below: