LCVA "Winter Warm Up"

"Winter Warm Up," LCVA & Centra Southside Community Hospital Coat Drive

LCVA is partnering with Centra Southside Community Hospital for a Winter Warm Up coat drive. We are collecting new and gently worn coats which will then be distributed by Centra Southside Community Hospital to local families.

Please bring your donated coats to LCVA during gallery hours, 11am-5pm Monday-Saturday and 1pm-5pm on Sundays. The Winter Warm Up donation box is located in LCVA’s front entrance, at the corner of Third Street and Main Street.

LCVA 2016 Winter Gala

Sponsorship Availability for LCVA's 2016 Winter Gala

The Longwood Center of Visual Arts invites you to participate as a sponsor in its 2016 biennial winter gala on Saturday, February 13, 2016 from 7–11pm at the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts in historic downtown Farmville, Virginia. The LCVA’s widely anticipated winter gala is the best attended event of its kind in the region. All proceeds support the LCVA’s community outreach programs.

A Little to the Left: How LCVA is Able to Provide Artwork That’s Just Right

There are many rare and unique aspects of Longwood University that help make it the special place that it is to so many students and faculty & staff; various rituals and traditions enjoyed by employees and students, beautifully maintained grounds, and diverse works of art displayed in buildings and offices all across campus. This last characteristic is made possible by three staff members here at LCVA; one in particular dedicates a large amount of time, energy, and joy into ensuring this luxury is afforded to those who choose to utilize it in a program known as “Campus Loan.”

Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington, “Joan of Arc,” 1920, bronze, 51.5 x 31.5 x 13 inches, collection of the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts, Longwood University History Collection, Gift of the artist and her husband, Archer Milton Huntington, to the Joan Circle, 1927.1.

Jonesing for Joany: Where She’s Been & Why

For more than a year now, we at the LCVA have been asked the same question over and over, “Where is Joany on the Pony and when is she coming back?” The short answer is: storage, and now. The long answer is a bit more interesting.

Kyle Butto

Senior Spotlight: Kyle Butto

Kyle studies Graphic Design here at Longwood. For Point of Departure, he made a video documenting another interest of his: street magic.

"Out of the Box was a project that I started with a few friends and it was a fun project to get us performing street magic to people. Our intent was to pay it forward while also trying to inspire our viewers to pick up performing magic because of the benefits that it offers. Performing magic has always been an outlet of self-expression for me. It also helps with my dexterity and creativity.

Krystal Boelte

Senior Spotlight: Krystal Boelte

Krystal studies Graphic Design at Longwood. For Point of Departure, she created a series of posters focus on an avoidance of drug use by highlighting contributional members of her community.

"Throughout the years, recreational drugs have increased, almost doubled in America. Awareness of such drugs will impact those listening to think twice before involving themselves in illegal acts as well as relay resources for substance abuse.

Eamon Brockenbrough, "Veiled Legacy"

Senior Spotlight: Eamon Brockenbrough

Eamon studies Art Education here at Longwood. For Point of Departure, he created a series of photographs exploring memories of his sense of home.

Caitlin Foster, "In the Navy: A Game for those Back Home"

Senior Spotlight: Caitlin Foster

Caitlin is part of Longwood's Graphic Design Concentration. For Point of Departure, she created In the Navy: A Game for those Back Home, a board game exploring life as it is impacted by military service.

Senior Spotlight: Alexa Sears

Alexa studies Graphic Design here at Longwood. Her entry for Point of Departure is an awareness campaign bringing to light issues of oceanic environmental health.

"Humans are the number one threat to marine life becoming extinct. One of the top reasons for this is through ocean litter. I wanted to be able to share this with people and help reduce the amount of littler that goes into our oceans. I decided to create an awareness campaign based of off the policy in California to help lead towards the banning of all single-use plastic bags in Virginia.

Zelda Halterman, "Inspirit Yoga Therapy"

Senior Spotlight: Zelda Halterman

Zelda studies Graphic Design at Longwood. She created Inspirit Yoga Therapy for Point of Departure, which she explains below:

"As a graphic designer, I wanted my senior project to have a personal touch, a topic that would attract viewers/consumers, and one that would have a positive impact on others as well. Since I have personal experience with alternative medicine, I decided to focus on the topic of yoga. From there I created a logo, brochure, posters, booklets and a website for Inspirit Yoga Therapy.