Holly Backer

Senior Spotlight: Holly Backer

Holly is part of Longwood's Graphic Design concentration. For Point of Departure, she created an awareness campaign bringing attention the accessibility and abuse of Adderall by college students.

Austin Polasky

Senior Spotlight: Austin Polasky

Austin's work in Point of Departure explores his relationship with nature and engraving woodblocks with lasers.

Amanda Haymans, LCVA, at NAEA Conference


Recently, the LCVA's Jacqueline Jardine Wall School Programs Educator, Amanda Haymans, attended the 2015 National Art Educators Association (NAEA) National Convention in New Orleans. She discusses the conference and her participation in it below:

"This convention is an annual event providing professional development services that include advancement of knowledge in all sessions, events, and activities for the purpose of improving visual arts instruction in American schools. As such, it is the world's largest art education convention.

Kayla Anzur, Common Creations

Senior Spotlight: Kayla Anzur

Kayla is part of the Art Education program here at Longwood. For her submission to Point of Departure, she created a series of drawings titled Common Creations, which she explains below:

Christine Nowicki

Senior Spotlight: Christine Nowicki

Christine studies crafts here at Longwood. Christine's work in Point of Departure features stained glass creations. She describes her pieces below:

Justin Owen Brady, Edible

Senior Spotlight: Justin Owen Brady

Justin sutdies graphic design here at Longwood. Here he describes his Point of Departure entry, a series of posters meant to address food sustainablity: 

"Farming beef and pork as a primary source of animal protein is unsustainable. Harvesting and farming insects can help hunger by providing an additional source of protein for human consumption. To battle this problem, I designed several posters that give the viewer a clear and informative look at how traditional livestock farming is unsustainable for the future of humanity."

Food for thought. Thanks Justin!

Gallery Attendant

LCVA Summer Gallery Attendants Needed

The LCVA is looking for Gallery Attendants for summer Saturday shitfs. This position is available to current Longwood students who will remain Longwood students within the next academic year. If you are interested, please contact our Assistant Director, Jill Manning:

Job Title:
Gallery Attendant (Summer 2015 | Saturday Shift)

Meagan M Britt, Matthew

Senior Spotlight: Meagan M. Britt

Meagan is part of Longwood's art department with a concentration in photography. For Point of Departure, she created Out of the Darkness, Into the Light, two sets of portraits: a larger set mounted on a wall (Out of the Darkness), and a smaller set contained in a wooden box with each photograph featuring hand-written personal information.

Jillian Ewell, Stretch

Senior Spotlight: Jillian Ruth Ewell

Jillian is part of Longwood's Art Department, with a concentration in crafts. Here is what she had to say about her work in Point of Departure:

Amber Huckaby

Senior Spotlight: Amber Huckaby

Amber studies photography in Longwood's Department of Theatre, Art, and Graphic and Animation Design.

Amber's work in Point of Departure is a series of black and white photographs, which she discusses below"