2017 Senior Spotlight: Chiara Lillie Beaumont

Chiara Lillie Beaumont is an artist working with digital projection at Longwood. Her work, titled "Si no tienes nada bueno que decir," in Point of Departure is a representation of her mind, dealing with her new diagnosis and looking back to her childhood.

"My mind cycles between intrusive images of children, violent thoughts and lullabies. It is without pause, unsettling and nostalgic.

2017 Senior spotlight: Caitlin Angulo

Caitlin Angulo is a painting major at Longwood.She describes her body of work in Point of Departure as a series of oil paintings about discovering a distorted and dark reality.

Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight-Candy and Chuck Dowdy+Northwestern Mutual

LCVA is thrilled to have the support of Candy and Chuck Dowdy and Northwestern Mutual for our upcoming Beaux-Arts Bash! 

Candy and Chuck commented, "What an honor to support and celebrate the LCVA at the Beaux arts Bash!  The LCVA lifts this beautiful community by supporting the families, children, schools, teachers, and budding artists who live and study here.  Come join us in appreciation to Longwood and the LCVA!"


Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight-Patricia and David Crute

The LCVA is so delighted to have Patricia and David Crute as sponsors for our upcoming Beaux-Arts Bash! 

Patricia and David shared, “We are so fortunate to live in a two-college town where there are many opportunities to experience a wide variety of programs, especially the arts. We are very proud to support Longwood, the LCVA, and Farmville in their many partnerships, and, in particular, the excellent art exhibits that the LCVA sponsors. We are looking forward to our first Beaux Arts Bash!”

2017 Senior Spotlight: Anne Tyler Adams

Anne Tyler Adams was a crafts major at Longwood. She describes her work in Point of Departure as one continuous piece participating in the same idea. 

Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight-Larissa and Jarrod Fergeson

The LCVA is proud to have Larissa and Jarrod Fergeson, and the j fergeson gallery as sponsors for our Beaux-Arts Bash!

Lara and Jarrod commented, “The excellence of a museum is measured by the excellence of its collection. We are very pleased to support this new program for acquisitions at the LCVA.”

Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight-Virginia and Brad Watson

LCVA is so glad to have Virginia and Brad Watson as sponsors for our 2017 Beaux-Arts Bash!

Brad commented, “We try to help our community whenever and however we can, and are pleased to be a part of the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts. The LCVA adds so much to Main Street and has brought many people to Downtown Farmville through art exhibits, educational programs and social gatherings. The Beaux-Arts Bash is a perfect example of another fun and creative idea that brings people together. We are looking forward to seeing our friends there.”

Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight-Megan Miller

LCVA is thrilled to have Megan Miller as a sponsor of our Beaux-Arts Bash!

Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight-Short Twig Press

The LCVA is thrilled to have Short Twig Press as a sponsor for our Beaux-Arts Bash. We cannot wait to see the commemorative broadside they come up with for the event.

Beaux-Arts Bash Sponsor Spotlight-Rochette's Florist + Sidney Allen

LCVA is proud to have Rochette’s Florist as a sponsor for our Beaux-Arts Bash. Sidney Allen expressed excitement about creating the flower arrangements for the Beaux-Arts Bash. “We have creative leeway and liberties to showcase our talents. I’m happy to be able to help!”  We can’t wait to see the floral arrangements created by Sidney Allen!